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Mona Mona (Letra)

Peter Cetera

Peter Cetera

Curso de Violão - Fórmula Violão

I remember sayin’
She came out of nowhere
Like the devil in disguise
I believed it when she told me
That she loved me
…..tellin’ lies
*everybody knows her name
Mona mona
Everybody knows her game
Mona mona
She’s gonna break your heart
Mona mona
(she) cut you right down
Then she’ll tear you apart
Mona mona

**you know you’d better try to forget it
You know you’re gonna live to regret it
I’d really hate to be the one
To tell you so (i told you so)
Let me take the time to remind you
You’re better off leavin’ her behind you
I really think it’s something
That you oughta know
You better let her go

Yeah yeah, let her go


Don’t you think you’d better let her go
Let her go