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Emerald Buttafly (Letra)



Curso de Violão - Fórmula Violão

(people singing)
Bah dah bha bha bha bha bha
Bha ba da da da bhum bha bha
(repeat 2x)

(slim kid tre’)
You see the moon has a with young idle eyes
And idle time is the playground
Where old profesions lay down
Like sweet sugar stays brown and on the mind
Gals whose whispers blow through tender lips like wind chimes
They tingle quiet ears with seductive words that i lust
And enjoy, for y’all fly boys that look and not touch
It aint much but bet your dollars
Cause they hollar
With out saying a thang
And she ain’t saying no name
And i’m fond of het intent
Rock hard and she was skin flint
Working on a flame
It seemed like every move she made was some good assed game
I had to keep my focus tame
Cause it’s a dumb dumb shame
To see them endless
And frendless
Will us when the pride feels great
Congnac watered down to its last tender state
And emeraled butterfly dissapears from the skies
It seems the moon can’t fight the sunrise

Feeling high, i’m the emerald butterfly (repeat 4x)

(slim kid tre’)
I was the mack of all time blowing their mind
In a world of fantasies when i’m casting my line
They would bite the bait and i would keep my ship sailing
On my crusading others would be out wating
In the water (water), more entising than the farmers daughter
As the imagination makes you wetter than her order
Though sweated her so tough , so rough out here
See you cant jump into the mix unless you chose to lose a hair
More nocturnal than the knight itself the mysteries clear
Smears of venom all of oil denim smoth as cashmere
Stear in thoughts of feather beds and lightheadedness
Abyss it gets deeper (you know) so be a light sleeper (sleeper)
The grief is like autumn rain (autumn) washing your needs away
Now all this gold is what i need to say about glitter…

Chorus (x2)